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Mr Jetse Stienstra of Feederlines BV

'Feederlines BV is a shipping company located in the city of Groningen and operating worldwide with a fleet of ships the size of which varies from 7.000 and 118.000 payload capacity. The smaller sized ships are mainly used for the transfer of high-quality products (wood, paper, steel and project cargo) in Europe. The larger sized ships mainly carry ore and coal outside Europe. The ships fly partly Dutch and partly foreign flags and they are manned with seafarers from various countries. Apart from Dutch people Feederlines BV also employs people from Russia, Croatia and the Philippines. The technical and personnel support takes place from the head office in Groningen.

The international character of the enterprise and the international crew on board of the ships require a sound knowledge of the various CAO’s (collective labor agreements) and the relating labor contracts and implications for, amongst other things, employment law.

We have found that PlasBossinade is very capable of assisting us in the often complex matter of this (international) employment law.

Mutual trust and swift response

The relationship Feederlines BV has with PlasBossinade has become even better over the years. A clear, respectful, no nonsense approach, based on mutual trust, showing us immediately where we stand, has our preference and also clearly suits the operating style of Feederlines BV. The short lines, thinking along and the swift response to our questions is regarded as a big plus in the services of PlasBossinade and has often led to a satisfactory solution for all parties.

Experienced and committed

Feederlines BV looks upon PlasBossinade as a much appreciated, experienced and committed partner that we highly can and will recommend in the shipping sector.'