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The fee for activities carried out by our lawyers is based on hourly rates and in practice this appears to be the most realistic and transparent fee structure. Because of an appropriate use of special knowledge, knowhow and technology and a pragmatic approach, we carry out our activities as effectively as possible. Quite often an indication can be given about the expected amount of time to be spent and it can be agreed upon that a signal is given when this is exceeded.

The applicable hourly rates are dependent on the experience of the lawyer and possibly on the complexity and/or the financial interest of the case and the legal area. In principle our activities are charged monthly in arrears. The specification which the client receives with each invoice shows which activities have been carried out and which amount of time has been spent.

Apart from the customary fee based on hourly rates other arrangements about the fee for our activities can be made, for example:

  • so called ‘blended rates’ (a fixed hourly rate for all of your legal matters, irrespective of the lawyer who deals with them and irrespective of the interest and the legal area);
  • a subscription (a fixed fee per year for services yet to be specified);
  • a helpdesk function (for short questions not giving rise to a case);
  • a fixed price agreement for a case or for certain activities;
  • discounts or bonus discounts in specific cases.

Do you wish to discuss the possibilities in your situation? Do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers.

Civil-law notaries

For notarial deeds in principle fixed prices apply. In this respect a quotation can be asked via our website or per e-mail (groningen@pbnotarissen.nl).

More and more cases require specialized advisory activities in which the notarial deed is part of a more comprehensive transaction. For such cases the fees are similar to those for lawyers. To discuss this you can contact one of our senior or junior civil-law notaries.

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