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Knowledge partners

In the field of expertise PlasBossinade cooperates with various organisations. We do this in order to deepen and broaden our knowledge.

Rotshuizen Geense

Since March 2019 Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten in Leeuwarden and PlasBossinade Advocaten en Notarissen in Groningen have been cooperating in the field of tax law. For Rotshuizen Geense this cooperation is a desired move to a broader range of services. PlasBossinade considers the presence of its tax lawyers in Leeuwarden as a strengthening of its own position in the Netherlands.

Cooperation in the field of tax law, including economic and tax criminal law, creates a stronger position for Rotshuizen Geense in the Frisian market. Cynthia Grondsma, director of Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten: “PlasBossinade is a renowned firm, like Rotshuizen Geense. But Rotshuizen Geense does not have any lawyers specialized in tax law. With that complementary and supporting service we create an added value for our new clients.”

With the cooperation PlasBossinade expands its field of activity. “Over the past decades cooperation between tax lawyers and other legal disciplines has proven to be a successful cooperation model within PlasBossinade,” so says Peter Fousert, Chairman of the board of PlasBossinade. “By rolling-out this model we strike new paths to strengthen our position together with Rotshuizen Geense.”

As a medium-sized law firm Rotshuizen Geense Advocaten, established in 1939, is deeply rooted in Frisia. From its early days onwards the firm has always strongly focused on Construction and Real estate, Health and Welfare, and Public Authorities and Education.

Immens interim | finance | recruitment

Immens interim | finance | recruitment is an office based in Groningen and specialized in bringing together financial (interim) professionals and clients. Immens is good at finding the best interim professional for turning an interim assignment into a successful outcome and at finding the best candidate for filling a vacancy within finance, controlling, risk, audit & compliance.   

Immens distinguishes itself through personal approach, commitment and actual knowledge of finance & control and the sector. This manifests itself in the ability to interpret rather precisely what you are in search for as client and in understanding what kind of assignments or vacancies may  suit you as (interim) finance professional.     

Rabobank Stad en Midden-Groningen

n cooperation with PlasBossinade advocaten en notarissen Rabobank Stad en Midden Groningen organizes activities for business relationships. Take, for example, knowledge events such as a lecture on issues relating to the implementation of plans released to the public on ‘Prinsjesdag’ (Budget Day, an important day in Dutch politics, always on the third Tuesday in September, when the  Government announces its plans for the coming year). But there is also cooperation in the field of network events such as the ‘Haringparty’ (a Dutch tradition of celebrating the year’s first herring catch).

For more information about PlasBossinade’s international co-operations see International